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Loft conversion

If you have an unused loft or attic, you could convert the wasted space into something new and special. Some common examples of loft conversion projects are: making an extra bedroom, an office/study, a children’s playroom, a hobby room. As well as giving you extra room, a loft conversion can add value to your property.

Lots of property owners choose this type of renovation project, in fact, converting a loft or attic is the most popular home improvement project in the UK.

However, as with any building project, the design needs to be carefully considered and proper plans need to be drawn up, which is where I can help.

Common design considerations you are likely to face and will need to resolve are:

  • Ceiling height
  • Access
  • Services
  • Lighting issues
  • Planning permission
  • Building regulations related to floor strength and fire escapes.

loft conversion rooflights

The specific type of loft conversion most suitable for your home will be influenced by three main factors:

  1. The type of roof you have
  2. What you want to use your loft for
  3. Your budget

Also, there are three types of loft conversions to consider. These are:

  • internal loft conversions
  • dormer loft conversions
  • loft conversions that require a full removal and build.

Technical drawing for loft conversion project

Internal loft conversions are usually the cheapest and require minimum building intervention. However, dormer loft conversions are the most common type of loft conversions because of the additional space they can provide with relatively simple building works. Full removal and build loft conversions will give you the most flexibility but they are the most complex and most expensive.

Despite these considerations, a loft conversion can be a life changing and cost-effective solution to lack of space or facing up to the challenges of moving house.

We offer a low-cost, feasibility study where we visit your home to understand what you want to achieve and to look at the options that are available. We can produce some initial drawings and outline costs for you as well as talking you through the steps involved in making your loft conversion a reality.

modern loft conversion