How we work

Each project is unique and is treated as such, however, I approach all commissions in the same way. Below you will find an overview of the process my projects go through from inception to completion.

These stages generally align with the Royal institute of British Architects (RIBA) Plan of Work.

In summary, these are the stages:

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Feasibility study(optional)
  3. Survey and initial design
  4. Pre-planning application (optional)
  5. Planning application
  6. Building regulations & detailed design
  7. Project Management

Initial consultation

(RIBA Stages 0 & 1)

I will meet with you to establish a design brief. This is one of the most important stages of the process as it influences all future decision making.

This is a no-obligation meeting which is free of charge, (provided that the site is in Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire) I can offer initial advice about possible planning requirements and any other regulatory approvals. I can also estimate construction costs and discuss how to get the project underway.

Following this meeting, I will prepare the fee proposal and timescales for the project.

Feasibility Study (optional)

(RIBA Stage 1)

We offer a modestly fixed priced feasibility study to our clients so you can get a better idea of what your proposed project entails and what options may be available. We will deliver an initial set of drawings which can then be taken to the next stage of detail should you wish to proceed. This will require you to have some record drawings which could be estate agent plans and aerial photographs.

Example feasibility drawing

Example feasibility drawing

Survey and initial design

(RIBA Stages 1 & 2)

Once formally appointed we’ll agree a time to carry out a full measured survey of the existing property/site to enable me to prepare digital CAD drawings as existing. For larger sites we may need to engage a survey company to prepare digital survey drawings. I will then use these drawings as a basis to prepare a proposed scheme for your approval.

Pre-planning application (optional)

(RIBA Stage 2)

It can sometimes be more economical to produce minimal, simple drawings for the Planning department prior to a full Planning application package. This provides feedback from the planners which can be incorporated into the full application and maximise the chance of success. This is not necessary for every project.

Planning application

(RIBA Stage 3)

I will prepare the detailed drawings for the Planning application and supporting documentation such as design and access statement, reports and schedules to form a full set of Planning application documents. Once you have approved these, I’ll submit the Planning application package to the local authority on your behalf.

Following submission, I will liaise with the planning department and keep you up to date with any discussions or amendments that are needed to ensure the best prospects for approval.

Planning drawing to support planning application

Example planning drawing

Building regulations & detailed design

(RIBA Stage 4)

Having obtained Planning approval, the next stage is for me to produce a set of more detailed construction drawings for a Building Regulations application. These same drawings are used to obtain accurate quotations from building contractors and any other remaining requirements such as sewer build over applications, party wall notification.

If required I will prepare further construction details of any complex areas of construction, bespoke items such as joinery, stonework or window systems.

This information can help in obtaining a fixed price from building contractors.

I have good working relationships with several local, professional, experienced building contractors which I can recommend if you wish.

Example drawing for building resulations

Example building regulations drawing

Project Management

(RIBA Stage 5)

To help ensure the smooth running of the project, we can manage the construction phase for you. Our experience of building projects will help ensure that delays are minimised, no details are missed and that your project comes to a successful conclusion.

We aim to deliver outstanding Architectural design within transparent and fair fees