Choosing an Architect

Choosing an Architect or Architectural Technologist

“A good Architect or Architectural Technologist will listen and understand what you are trying to achieve architecturally.”

You are looking for an Architect or Architectural Technologist who,

  • You can develop a working relationship with and who can develop your ideas.
  • Understands your building and vision.
  • Has imagination and creativity? Look at examples and try to visit completed projects.
  • Has the technical skills you need, Look at examples of Feasibility Sketches and Planning drawings, these should be inspiring and Building Regulation and Construction drawings. These should be detailed clear, concise and not over cluttered, although complex you should be able to follow the drawings.
  • Has experience and is able to advise throughout the whole construction process.
  • Has experience relevant to your project.
  • Offers value for fees, these should be broadly similar between Architect or Architectural Technologists, if they differ significantly why?
  • Has professional qualifications such as RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects or CIAT Chartered Institute Architectural Technologist.

What size of Architectural Practise is right for your project? Often larger practices delegated to junior staff, a sole practitioner is usually the single contact who does everything. If you are choosing a larger practise you may want to ask “Who would be preparing the drawings? who would you be dealing with throughout the project? “

“You should be able to follow most Architectural drawings, if can’t a good Architect or Architectural Technologist should be able to give you the help you need”