An example of a detailed architectural drawing made with AutoCAD. I can train you to create clear drawings of this type.

Architectural CAD Tuition

As an Architectural Technologist I have been working with CAD for 25+ years, using various software including AutoCAD, Caddie, MicroStation and Vectorworks. My preferred CAD programme is AutoCAD, which I use daily in my Architecture practice.

BIM and 3d rendering programmes certainly have their place, however, I believe 2d CAD is the modern drawing board and should still be the starting point for Architectural drawings.

Practising Architecture, I prepare drawings for all Architectural purposes including concept design, planning and, as an Architectural Technologist, I specialise in construction drawings and construction detailing.

From my experience, I believe Architectural practices that are more design-led can fall short in construction drawings and detailing.

To prepare sound clear and concise architectural construction drawings I believe,

  • It is vital to have an established drawing template.
  • Presentation is key, General Arrangement drawings should be clear concise and not over-cluttered.
  • Methodical approach to progress construction drawings of increasing detail uniformly across the full set of General Arrangement drawings.
  • General Arrangement drawings should identify and set out key construction details.
  • Standard details should be organised and stored in a central location for accuracy and efficiency.

A detailed architectural drawing on a dark background

My goal is to use my experience and expertise to teach you how to produce clear and concise construction drawing packages using CAD that builders will pick up and understand. “If a builder offers praise on drawings this in my mind is the biggest compliment!”

Often CAD courses are like a manual, teaching you how to draw a square in different ways, but I believe you only really learn by application in practice.

I offer practical training as someone who uses AutoCAD daily, producing what I believe to be the highest standard of Architectural drawings.

Who can I help?

  • Drafts men/women across all industries – How to use AutoCAD proficiently at all levels.
  • Architecture students and newly qualified Architects - how to use AutoCAD proficiently and produce working construction drawings and construction details.
  • Architects – Help improve drawing performance and output of construction drawings and construction details.
  • Contractors – Teaching you how to prepare drawings with CAD for all purposes.
  • Anyone that wants to learn how to use CAD.