Large extension to house with pool

Home extensions

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t move – improve”. House extensions and alterations can, of course, give you more space without all the hassle involved in moving house.

There are several practical advantages to choosing a home extension, especially if you like an area and have children settled in local schools. Not least is the fact that buying and selling property has a whole set of associated costs above and beyond the price of a home. This includes agent’s fees, stamp duty and the not inconsiderable cost of packing and moving your home/life.

Modern rear home extension

We have a page specifically about Loft conversions (which is the most popular type of house extension), but here we’re more concerned with

  • rear extensions
  • side extensions
  • 2-storey extensions
  • Garage conversions
  • Glazed extensions

All these types of home extensions and renovations create extra space for your family but can also add a unique element to your home and increase its value (but only if done well).

Rear brick extension to modern detached house

Before getting started on the details of a home extension project you need to carefully consider the concept. This includes practicalities such as the economics of the project, where you are going to live during the works and how much value the extension may add to your home.

If space permits, a rear extension to your home is a worth considering. This type of extension is used for an easier flow from the home’s interior to the exterior. They are mostly used to extend living and kitchen spaces. A continuous effect can be created in rear extensions by using bi-fold doors that open on to the garden area giving more natural light and blurring the line between the interior and exterior.

Side extensions are recommended where there is limited space for expansion at the rear. They can be used in creating continuous spaces (kitchen extension or utility room) or an extra room such as a living room, office or playroom.

2 storey house extension

Two-storey extensions are useful in adding some extra space to both floors of a storied building. This approach is one that gives you the most significant yield in terms of space. Both additional spaces can be used for living spaces, bedrooms, or utility rooms.

proposed plan for new first floor design

Garages often become storage spaces rather than somewhere to leave the car and they can be made more useful by converting them into living spaces. This type of project usually requires little building work.

Glazed extensions can add more living space to homes while allowing the right amount of natural light. They can also be used to connect spaces around the home, making two different spaces around the home into a single piece. An example is a glazed connection between a converted garage and the main house area.

For any type of home extension, good use of natural light not only saves electricity, it can make your home feel more spacious. Rooms look bigger, ceilings look higher and space tends to look less cluttered.

Whatever your home extension ideas, we can offer a full design service starting with a modestly priced feasibility study to look at options, overall costs and the requirements for planning permission. This initial phase will also include drawings of the options which can then be taken forward into the next phase if you decide to proceed.

Modern rear home extension at night

Please do get in touch to discuss your project.